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Cremation Services

We were the area’s first funeral home to fully and completely embrace the idea that today’s families are clearly seeking simpler, more affordable services.  This very often includes cremation as the family’s final disposition choice.  We remain committed to honoring your wishes today, as we have been from our beginning in 2012. 

Regardless of your wishes, your loved one, and you, deserve our utmost respect. Therefore, all of our cremation services include a cremation urn, in which your loved one’s cremated remains will be returned to you.  One urn is more suitable for those choosing to scatter the cremated remains, while one is ideal for those who wish to inter the cremated remains or keep them for a longer period of time.  The choice is yours to make.

All of our cremation services also include 6 certified death certificates, which we will obtain for you from the county clerk in the county where the death occurred. If you need additional copies, we will get those for you as well.  The per copy charge in most counties is $5.00.

Though many options are available, the following four service packages meet most family’s needs:


Direct Cremation:  $1,495.00 

·       Basic services of staff and professional care and respect for your loved one

·       Transportation from the place of death (within 50 miles) and to crematory

·       Complete and file all required authorizations and permits

·       Notification of death to Social Security Administration

·       A basic death notice posted on our website

·       Cremation service provided by licensed crematory

·       Your choice of Belmont or Tribute cremation urn

·       6 Certified death certificates



Family Remembrance Cremation:  $1,695.00 

Includes all “Direct Cremation” services and… 

·       Our assistance with preparing obituary notices, submitting to newspapers and posting of complete obituary on our website

·       Assistance in filing life insurance and pension claims

·       Assistance with all Veterans documents and claims

·       Private immediate family gathering, viewing and final farewell for up to 2 hours



Memorial Gathering Cremation:  $2,195.00

Includes all “Family Remembrance Cremation” services and… 

·       A memorial gathering or memorial service at our funeral home OR the assistance of our staff at a memorial service at the location of your choosing. 

·       A complete memorial stationary package, selected by you from our many options.

·       A custom memorial DVD produced from your photos



Traditional Funeral Service followed by cremation:  $4,295.00 

Includes all the above listed services and merchandise and… 

·       Embalming and other preparation for viewing/visitation

·       Solid oak cremation casket for visitation and service

·       Use of our facility for one full day of visitation

·       Funeral service at our facility or the location of your choosing


Cremation Authorization Form

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