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Gaylord Community Funeral Home & Cremation Service
850 N. Center Ave. / P.O. Box 249
| Gaylord, MI 49734
Tel: 1-989-732-2230

April 1st

Dear Friends, 

As we continue to live through these unprecedented events together, I wanted to update you on a couple of things. 

We have now installed live streaming equipment to allow an immediate family to gather here and to share their time with others through live streaming. This is not ideal and it is not how any of us want to gather. It is, however our current reality. We must all do our part because social distancing, staying at home is beginning to work. 

We are encouraged and we are overwhelmed by the attitude and actions of most in our community. And we feel very blessed to be part of a community that comes together like ours has. That being said, there is work still to be done to encourage everyone to do their part. As one who is needed to work during these times, I see it first hand as I am out in the community. Not everyone has taken our collective situation seriously. If you are one of these people STOP. Or, if you know someone who is, tell them to STOP, now. 

Our resolve to helping those who need us during these difficult times is strong and we will be here to help. Please, continue to do your part in the fight against COVID-19...stay home and stay away from is working. 

We are available at any hour to help anytime...989-732-2230.

Thank you,

Joe Messenger, Rachel Smith & Staff

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