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Gaylord Community Funeral Home & Cremation Service
850 N. Center Ave. / P.O. Box 249
| Gaylord, MI 49734
Tel: 1-989-732-2230

In August of 2012 we opened the funeral home to serve families in Gaylord and the surrounding area with a focus on three things that simply were not being addressed by any other area funeral home.

 First, your wishes have changed over the years, we know this.  Family dynamics, families living sometimes hours if not days away and other factors influence the service today’s families desire.  Our focus is on you;  your wishes, your needs come first.

 Second, we value “service” over “business”.  This is why, when you call us, regardless of the hour of the day or night, you’ll reach us immediately, every time.  The voice you hear will almost always be mine, or Rachel’s.  Experienced, licensed funeral directors, here to help when you need us.  It's the little things that matter; this and many other things that only we do make all the difference.

 Finally, it’s all about value.  Not just price, though price is an important factor.  The way we do things and the affordable manner in which we do them;  we’re pleased to be unique in the Gaylord area. 

 Five years and more than 700 families later, we strive every day to provide you the best possible service during life’s most difficult moments.  This is our only focus and serving your needs is indeed our great privilege.


 Joe Messenger

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